Wholesale FAQs

Who is Wholesale for?

Wholesale is great for retail shop owners that are looking for new products at a great price.


How does it work?

After you’re an approved partner you’ll be given access to a dedicated part of the site just for you that will display wholesale specific items and pricing. Simply place your order online and have it shipped out!


How do I become an approved partner?

Simply use the contact us form and select “Wholesale”. We like to make sure we know each of our partners to ensure that our products and our retailers are a good fit.


What incentives do I have as a partner?

As a partner you will have our best prices available, easy ordering process (no physical forms to fill out), dedicated support email, and the opportunity to have a unique product designed exclusively for your store!


Tell me more about the unique product.

We’ll work together to create a unique design that your customers will love. For New York it might be a Big Pun tribute, for Atlanta it might be a Migos exclusive, or for the Bay Area it might be a unique Mac Dre look. Whatever it is, its exclusive, meaning it will only be sold through your channel.


How much is minimum quantity?

At least 10 per product and at least 50 total on first orders.

Returning orders are at least 5 per product and at least 25 total.


How long is shipping time?

Same as standard products. 2-3 day turnaround.


Where do you ship to?

Currently our Wholesale is primarily setup for U.S. only. But if you are interested outside of the U.S. please still submit an inquiry and we can try to accommodate.


What else is included in my order?

Your first order will include an exclusive “8BitHipHop Collectible Stickers” binder, page sleeves, and a compact pop-up stand to showcase the products easily to customers in your shop. All prints orders will also come individually prepackaged.


What do I do if my order is wrong or I have additional questions?

Feel free to contact us anytime: wholesale@my8bithiphop.com



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